What Is a Community Manager, and Why Do I Need One for My Business?

What Is a Community Manager, and Why Do I Need One for My Business?

The more customers your brand gets, the more essential efficient community management becomes. It’s a key factor in your social media strategy. And most business owners confuse this with social media management. 

Community management is about establishing good relationships with your audience. It allows your brand to grab any opportunity to create community interactions in online spaces. 

And if you want to have effective community management, your business needs a good community manager. In this blog, let’s talk about the roles of a community manager and why you must hire one for your business. 

What Is A Community Manager?

A community manager helps build your brand’s identity. He serves as the bridge that connects your business to potential customers. Community managers also maintain a brand tone and voice. These should be consistent across your social media channels and marketing content. 

They do this by:

  • Content distribution
  • Digital engagement
  • Community support

These three factors help build your brand’s trust and presence. Whether online or in person. Community managers also serve as the initial contact of your brand’s customers.

The Roles of A Community Manager 

A community manager should be able to multitask the following roles for the brand’s success:

  • Plan on a content marketing plan to guide interactions in the online community
  • Allow online communication through email, social media, and community boards
  • Perform community metrics and web traffic analysis
  • Provides community feedback to the company’s various departments and executive team
  • Become updated with the latest social media features and latest trends
  • Develop unique content for videos, social media posts, articles, and blog posts
  • The first to respond during a crisis before a brand’s PR fails
  • Reaching out to influential people in the same industry as your brand

Social Media Manager Vs. Community Manager

A social media manager and a community manager are different. But they often get mixed up. There are also times when a company hires one for both. These two positions are challenging. And it gets even more stressful when a single individual does both jobs. 

To make it clearer, let’s differentiate the two positions. 

The Job 

When you’re a social media manager, you post as if you’re the owner of the brand’s account. You serve as the brand’s voice on social media. It’s your job to post and reply to your brand’s followers and subscribers.

And because you are posting as the brand, you should follow its social and voice strategy. Being consistent with the brand voice is essential. 

This is because you’re speaking directly to the people. These people are the ones familiar and loyal to your brand’s products and services.

A community manager is different. He posts as the brand ambassador but uses his own account and not the brand’s. The primary role of a community manager is to work on establishing the community. 

He does this by:

  • Participating in online discussions
  • Searching for new customers
  • Listening to the current audience. 

The Department 

The department is the same for both managers. They are involved in the marketing department. Social media managers are responsible for reporting to the marketing or media director. They must also work with social media strategists. This ensures that all posted content is good.

The community manager also communicates with the social media strategist. But it involves thinking about how to get more members to join online discussions. Community managers should also learn to interact with the real world.

Why You Need A Community Manager 

Hiring a community manager will be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. Aside from establishing an interactive community, the following are also advantages:

Attracts New Users and Retains Old Customers 

A community manager handles attracting new customers and letting them stay. When you hire one, you’re guaranteed that he will do whatever it takes to make new users feel at home.

New customers who feel they’re welcomed will have higher chances of sticking to your brand. This establishes your brand’s trust and credibility.

Community managers also protect the relationship between your brand and old customers. This prevents them from leaving and trying out your competitor brands.

Community managers don’t neglect the value of old users. They can focus on customer retention while creating new relationships.

Improve and Maintain Your Brand’s Loyalty

You need community managers to create efficient programs that foster positive online communities. This encourages fans to share good word about your brand with more people.  

Community managers also help your brand become more powerful to please your audience. This ensures that they stay loyal to you in the long run.

Knows What To Do During Crisis

Community managers also know what to do when your brand falls short of its goals. Often, they are the first to hear miscommunications or PR nightmares.

You can count on community managers to act fast when your brand releases an offensive ad. They will likely hear all about it from the source. And community managers know precisely what to do to prevent rumor spreads.

Manage Influencer Relationships

Getting influential people such as bloggers, celebrities, and social media stars can help your brand to stand out. And when you hire a community manager, he takes care of this aspect. 

Community managers also maintain the relationship your brand establishes with them. 

Updated With Product Developments 

Getting a community manager is a key to informing your brand’s product development team. Any feedback or comments he hears from the user, he relays to the team. Community managers listen to what the users want. They engage with them daily. 

And when your development team is updated with user comments, your brand knows what improvements to make.

A Community Manager Is Your Brand’s Backbone

With a community manager on your team, you don’t have to worry about:

  • Maintaining a positive online community 
  • Nurturing the relationships, your brand has with new and old users
  • Encouraging more influential people in the same industry to connect with your products
  • What to do during a PR crisis

Hire a community manager now. And it might be the best thing you can do for your business. If you need content writing services to maintain your brand’s credibility, contact CJ Content Co today. 

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