What Is a CTA and Why Does It Matter?

It takes more than users visiting your website to boost your brand’s visibility and site traffic. You need to make sure that they develop loyalty and trust with what your business offers. 

And how can you achieve that? One of the effective marketing strategies is including a clear call to action on your website. Yes, it may not guarantee an increased audience. But it sure does give you a chance to build relationships with new people. 

So, what is a CTA, and why does it matter? You’ll know more in this blog. And as a bonus tip, we’ll also give you strategies you can follow to make effective and successful CTAs. Let’s get started. 

What Is A CTA?

When users visit your website and read your blog, it’s natural to want them to take any action after. That’s where a call to action becomes essential. It’s a prompt on your website that asks a user to take immediate and specific action. 

CTAs are normally written as action or command phrases. They push potential customers in the browsing stage to go straight to the decision-making stage. 

CTAs can come in many forms. But the most common ones include images, texts, buttons, or other elements. And if you want yours to be effective, it must be well-placed, well written, and well designed. 

When your visitors get clear CTAs, the chances are higher for them to accomplish the correct activity you would want them to. 

Types of Calls to Action

You’ll want simple but effective CTAs because they can help you achieve your goal in a marketing campaign. And to help you out, below are the most common types of calls to action on a website. 

Pay Per Click 

When you have the extra budget, you can try pay-per-click CTAs. You would know if it’s a PPC call to action when it’s labeled “Ad” on search results. 

What does this mean? Every time a user clicks on the link, the website owner pays a specific fee to the search engine. This gives your website a higher chance of being clicked by your intended audience. 

Also, your link will appear on top of other unpaid search results. This allows users to see your website immediately.

Website Landing Pages

Website landing pages prompt users to take action. The action could include subscribing to the daily newsletter or registering your information for an event. Often, these pages offer something for free in return. 

You would almost always see a CTA like “download for free” on website landing pages. A good landing page should have minimal texts, especially toward the CTA prompter or button. It should also be readable and easily found, so that users will not have to scroll hard. 

Other CTA options you can place on landing pages are the following:

  • Try for free
  • Get started
  • Sign up
  • Learn more
  • Subscribe

These CTAs are attracting your potential audience. They create a commitment with your brand without spending. 

SEO Meta Description

The SEO meta description may be short, but it can also be a compelling CTA. Most users read meta descriptions to determine whether a link will be helpful or not. It’s only 160 characters, so we suggest you write well and effectively. 

Product Purchases

Product purchases can prove that you’re doing something good for your brand. And because conversion rates are essential in any marketing campaign, you need to get them right. 

The following are common CTAs when you want users to make product purchases:

Contact Sales

Contact Sales is the most suitable CTA when you intend to make a big purchase or subscription. It involves communicating with the brand’s skilled sales representative. And this can benefit your conversion rates. 

Shop Now 

This CTA encourages users to browse your product list to find an item they would like to buy. It also implies subtly that you might be spending your money. 

Get Discounts

This CTA is one of the popular ones because who does not love saving money? A “get discount” CTA gives users a chance to get what they want at a more affordable price. And when the discount increases with more items, it can entice more people to buy from you. 

Book Now

“Book now” is a standard CTA for lessons, sessions, and accommodations. It’s also a good CTA when you want to make a subscription. 

Why CTA Matters

No matter how CTAs can be as simple as two short words, they matter. CTAs improve user experience and increase your brand engagement. And if you’re not convinced about the importance of a CTA, below are the main benefits. 

Promotes Better Decision Making

A simple and direct CTA tells users exactly what they should do and where they can go next. It helps create a straightforward user journey across your website. Also, CTA helps eliminate confusion and decision fatigue. 

When a user lands on your site, chances are he’s not entirely sure what to do next. But when he sees a compelling and well-defined CTA, he might click on it and convince himself to take the necessary steps. 

The result? You did not only help the user decide. You also help your marketing campaign to take one step closer to success. 

Grow Audience Potential and Boost Brand Sales

No matter how simple your CTAs are, they are useful and effective. A simple “call now” or “Follow us on Instagram” can help your brand identify its needs. Whatever is essential to your brand, you can turn into a compelling CTA. 

Any piece of content on your website is part of your marketing strategy. This includes:

  • Social media posts
  • Landing pages
  • Engaging blogs and articles

And when you always make it a point to add a CTA after each content, you help grow your audience potential. 

Direct Users’ Actions Toward Their Needs

Content with CTA makes it clearer with its intention. And when the user sees this, the possibility that he clicks on it because he’s interested is high. The content you publish builds excitement, and adding a CTA helps users dig deeper to know more about the topic. 

Boost Your Digital Advertising

Digital advertising excites your brand’s products and services to grab customers’ attention. It encourages them to finalize the deal. And it’s even better when you include a CTA after. 

When you don’t include CTAs, your messages will fall flat. They won’t have the final statement that interests users to take the subsequent step. Ultimately, a CTA conveys your campaign’s intent and goal to your potential audience. 

It’s All About A Good CTA

Compelling CTAs make effective marketing campaigns. They help build your customer database while creating long-term relationships with them. When you want to stay ahead of your competitors, a good CTA may be just what you need! 
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