How to Tie Blog Content Into Your YouTube Strategy

How to Tie Blog Content Into Your YouTube Strategy

Most, if not all, business owners with established websites know what blogs are. 

These articles speak about the purpose of a brand’s product or service in various tones.

But the reality is that not all web visitors appreciate blogs with texts alone. 

Some quickly become bored or tired of reading and end up not finishing your site’s blog content. 

This is where tying Youtube videos and other media to your blogs become handy. And who knows, these videos may just make you become ahead of your competitors. 

Set up a Youtube Channel, upload videos, and tie your blog content with it. This guide teaches you everything about the basics of blog and Youtube video collaboration. Let’s get started. 

Why Setting Up A Youtube Channel Is A Great Strategy

It’s true that Youtube is more famous for providing entertainment to viewers. But most brand owners have started to utilize it to set up channels for their products and services.

More than 80% of internet users use Youtube in statistics in 2021. And almost 50% of marketers use this platform for brand promotion. 

And if you’re still not convinced to create a Youtube Channel for your content, here are some amazing benefits of why you should. 

Youtube Is A Fast-Growing Platform

After Google, Youtube is the next largest search engine platform. And it’s also one of the most-visited websites worldwide. Youtube has become famous for all ages, making it much easier to find your audience. 

And when you know the best strategy, you can take advantage of the traffic generated on this platform. There are various types of videos you can create, such as the following:

  • How-to or tutorial videos to showcase what your product or service can do
  • Informative videos to explain your brand’s features and potential to target users
  • Training videos to give your audience a glimpse of your brand

Google Utilizes Youtube Too

Here’s the thing, Google also includes Youtube in its search engine results pages or SERPs. It’s why setting up a Youtube channel is best for your brand.

With Google’s Universal Search, results are always blended. They can range from images to blogs, books, local searches, news, and even videos. Doing this gives users the best and most relevant information to answer their queries. 

Now that video consumption continues to rise, it’s no excuse that search engines often appear video results more than other content types. 

This means that Google finds the same level of relevance and importance between text and video results. 

So what can you do to use this to your advantage? You can create complementary videos for your site blogs and post them on your Youtube channel. 

Including Youtube as part of your marketing strategy also helps build backlinks to your site. And that’s great for boosting your brand’s online visibility. The more backlinks, the better your rank on search engines too.

Establish Your Audiences’ Trust

Having a Youtube channel also helps establish your brand’s credibility. 

Your credibility includes gaining more followers and allowing them to put their trust in you. And one of the best ways to build trust is to add a human touch to your videos. 

Let your viewers know that your brand has a face and a personality. And allow your videos to establish deep connections with them. 

When your viewers know they can relate to your brand emotionally, it can help with your conversions. It’s now your duty to create relevant and high-quality content to get more views and subscribers. 

To help build trust, follow these tips:

  • Add custom graphics to your videos. 
  • Your channel should have an “About Us” section for viewers to gain more information about your brand.
  • Don’t forget to include links to the videos you upload. 
  • Always find time to respond and react to comments.

Increase Your Blog’s Dwell Time

Uploading your videos on your Youtube channel is not limited to that platform. 

You can also embed the videos on your site’s blog to gain more exposure. Doing this can boost your engagement, reduce bounce rate, and increase your page dwell time. 

What does it mean by that?

When determining a site’s rank on search engines, the total duration a visitor stays on your site also matters. This means people who don’t last long or leave immediately are not good. 

The longer the time visitors stay on your page, the higher the chances they will engage with your videos. This can also encourage them to view your other content on your site. 

Embedding Youtube Videos on Your Blogs

As mentioned, you can also utilize your Youtube videos on your website. You can tie them up with your blogs, boosting your Youtube and website strategies. It’s also a great way to integrate your Youtube videos and content marketing. 

Placing videos make your site content more dynamic, increasing your brand engagement. 

But how can you do that? Let’s look into all the methods you can try. 

Using The Embed Code

The most common method of adding Youtube videos to your blogs is using the embed code:

1. Go to Youtube and open a video on your channel.

2. Click the Share button. 

3. Go the the “Embed” tab. 

4. Copy the exact code. 

5. Go to Blogger or WordPress. 

6. Click the HTML tab and embed the code in the editor. 

7. You can adjust the video’s height or width, depending on your needs. 

8. If you’re satisfied, select the publish button.

Clicking The Share Button

If you are using the Blogger website to write your content, Youtube has a direct connection with that site:

1. Click on the video you want to embed in your blog.

2. Select the Share button. 

3. Look for the “Blogger” icon among the social networking platform choices. 

4. Select the blog to which you want to embed the video. 

5. Press the “Publish Post” option.

Tie Up Your Blogs and Youtube Videos for a Successful Marketing

Creating valuable blogs can increase your SEO and search rankings. Why not make them even better by tying them up with your Youtube videos? 

Videos embedded in your blog posts don’t need to have the same content. As long as they’re relevant, it’s good! 

Collaborating your blogs and Youtube videos might be the key to effective digital marketing. And it can also help boost your brand, increasing your visibility online. And finally, doing this can make your brand stand out among your competitors. 

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