Blog vs. Social Media Content Creator: What’s the Difference

Blog vs. Social Media Content Creator: What’s the Difference

As the digital world continues to rise, it’s no surprise that every business would want to hop on the internet. And to stay on top of your competitors, you should always be one step ahead.

You’ll always want to come up with better promotion campaigns. This is regardless of whether you’re an established or a start-up brand. You’ll need blogs and web pages to optimize your brand. And social media content creators and influencers can also increase your visibility online.

But what is exactly the main difference between a blog and a social media content creator? And how can they help enhance your marketing campaigns? Let’s figure everything out in this guide. 

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the process of creating article posts for a brand’s website. These article posts, or blogs, should always be fresh and updated. They help make your audience remain loyal to what your brand offers.

Blogging helps drive traffic to your website as long as you continuously create relevant and exciting content. Sometimes, blog posts are similar to fresh content you see in newspapers daily.

Blogs can be as short as 500 words or reach 2,000 words, depending on the format and the chosen topic. Also, SEO keywords, links, and pictures are great ways to enhance your blogs.

The people who are responsible for making these posts are called bloggers. Bloggers or content writers build online communities about your brand’s niche.

When you’re a blogger, you also have an engaged audience. You’re creating content for them, so it’s your responsibility to always keep them hooked with your posts. Also, your audience trusts your posts. That way, you always have to create content that will interest them.

Big and startup brands hire bloggers for a reason. Aside from improving brand awareness, blogs also help with conversions. When you hire a blogger, he can create storytelling pieces that will talk about what you offer.

And because they are bloggers, the posts usually have a narrative take. Promotions are naturally woven into the articles. In this way, your audience will view these posts as relevant information instead of outright product selling.

The Benefits of Blogging and Blog Posts

Blogging helps establish your brand’s visibility online. But it’s more than that. The following are the reasons why your business should take advantage of blogging:

1. Boost Website Traffic

The best thing blogs can do is boost traffic to your website. With proper SEO, you can attract new readers. And you can also potentially turn them into your target audience. 

A new blog post also means an additional indexed page on your brand’s website. This increases your opportunity to appear on SERPs or search engine results pages. In turn, the blog post also drives new traffic to your site through organic searches. 

2. Help Establish Your Social Media Presence

Blogging also helps with your social media presence. A new article means new content.  And your audience can share this on various social media platforms. And this helps your brand become more exposed to more people.

Also, you don’t need to always think of new content for your social media when you have blog posts. Blogs can serve as content repositories that can strengthen your social reach.

In return, people visiting your social media channels can click on your website and learn more about your brand.

3. Drives Long-Term Results

Creating valuable content can make you become a trusted authority or industry leader. For example, educational content helps clear things up for a potential confused customer.

Becoming an established authority can help turn website traffic into leads. And this can drive long-term results for your business.

What is A Social Media Content Creator?

If you’re a social media content creator, you create and upload content to a brand’s social media platforms. The intent of posting content on social media can serve two purposes:

  • as an entertainment
  • to boost a brand’s visibility and awareness

Social media content creators can post anything from texts, audio, images, and videos. These social media posts are mainly to inform, educate, and engage a brand’s audience. Moreover, the type of post will always depend on the social media platform. 

For instance, texts are limited to 280 characters when you’re a content creator on Twitter. But if you’re responsible for Facebook, you don’t need to be mindful of any text length. 

On the other hand, Instagram focuses on images and short videos. And if you want to post longer videos, Youtube is the right platform. 

Social media content creators create posts to attract a brand’s target audience and keep everyone interested. And when they target the right people, brands can often achieve sales. 

The Benefits of A Social Media Content Creator

Social media content creators can help boost your marketing in more ways than one:

1. They Know Your Audience

 Social media content creators research to identify the following buyer personas:

  • Age group
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Interests 

Knowing these details help content creators become more mindful of what to post. And when the posts interest audiences, they can engage by liking, sharing, or commenting.

And reaching your desired audience also means you need to do measures that will help keep them. Social media content creators can accurately respond to comments. This is because they understand your audience.

2. Updated with Industry Trends

Social media content creators are always updated with the current industry trends. They explore the web to identify the latest developments that can help them improve.

And because they are knowledgeable in industry trends, they know what content matters. This helps them create the best types of content that resonate with your brand.

3. They Serve As Your Brand’s Voice

Social media content creators serve as a brand’s voice and ambassador. They resonate with your target audience. Having a distinct voice helps your audiences establish deep connections with you.

A brand voice also serves as the emotion and personality of your business. Social media content creators are your brand’s representatives. They know how to attract your audience. Ultimately, they can also help with your market visibility.

Blog Vs. Social Media Content Creator: The Key Differences

Bloggers and social media content creators are both essential members of your team. Now, let’s differentiate them to help you understand their roles further. 

Products Vs. Services

Knowing which team member is more relevant depends on what your brand offers. Social media posts can help boost product sales if your company is product-based. These posts can help your brand demonstrate how your product works through visuals. 

And when people find your visuals interesting, they will likely hit the “Follow” or “Like” button. The result? You gain a new follower who’ll likely turn into a potential buyer. 

It’s different when your company is service-based. If you’re a service-based company, relevant blogs with SEO keywords can help you. And when people need your service, searching online can help them land on your site. 

B2C Vs. B2B

A B2C company will get more potential customers through social media posts. Facebook and Instagram, for instance, contain several users you can turn into consumers. 

But it becomes different for B2B companies. Websites are more crucial, and the best way to drive traffic is by creating relevant blog posts. 

Spending so much on social media channels might just turn to waste with B2B companies. But when they have fresh blog posts, there’s a potential that B2B companies will have more organic leads. 

Getting The Most For Your Brand

In the end, utilizing both can help create a more well-rounded plan in content marketing. 

High-quality blogs can help make your company an industry leader. They also help your brand gain new customers. Also, your content creators can use these blogs to share on your social media platforms.

Combining blogs and social media posts can also improve your traffic and engagement. And you’ll also achieve long-term results.

After all, you want the best for your brand. Bloggers make your websites more trusted.  And social media content creators improve your presence online. Use them both, and you’re on your way to success.

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